Saturday, June 8, 2013

Short trip

Where else to go... for 1 day off is not enough for a long journey but we made it!
Its a Pangkor vacation.

It takes 4hours to reach jetty from Sg.Petani and half an hour to island which cost rm10 for 2ways.. cheap!
When we arrived there, we rent for motorcycle for rm 30 1day.. we travel around island..
We can see a view of the sea from the top. Then along the way I saw monkeys playing besides the road.

At one point, got a very high bukit plus corner yang tajam, di situlah ada seekor anjing kecil molek kaler hitam. He saw us and dia terus kejar!! Dah la tengah lari dari anjing tu, pastu at the corner kami terkejut dengan kemunculan monkey yang betul2 tepi kaki then on the spot we change gear 1... tayar motor terangkat woahhhhh!!! First time I merempit angkat tayar motor..! Tak sedar naek moto ex5, ade hati nak angkat tayar jangan tanya kenapa ia berlaku..

It is a very nice trip though! Walaupon letih.. Pulau Pangkor sangat cantik and I baru tau Pangkor is named for the name of the one Chinese yang menetap kat situ name die Pang Koor...hehe so dats all for now..bye!

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