Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BEST FRIEND or.....????

mmg btol ape org kata.. hdup kdg2 kat ats n kdg2 kt bwh.. somehow one of the most important in life is BEST FRIEND to stand beside when we are down.. sedey bile ade kwn tp xdpt nk bsama dlm susah sng... bile kite sng, die pon tumpang sng, bile kte susah atau perlukan ptolongan nye, die xnak bsama.. sedey kan??? hurm ase cam nak ngs je tp xpe la mgkin ari ni ari aku.. esok luse ari die plak.. aku xksh.. asalkan die bhgia, tp aku xlupe ape yg aku lalui hari ni.. mmg susah nk cari kwn yg btol2 stia n sanggup bsama kta dlm ape jua dugaan. mgkin aku xde tman rapat sbb aku ni pendiam, xpndai nk mlawak.. kdg2 org kata aku sries n sape yg xknl aku, tkot nk bdamping.. dah muke aku cmtu, nk wat cmne. lgpon aku mmg xsuke nk mnyusahkn sesape...

Monday, November 29, 2010

cant stand!

huh thought life is too short to wake up in the mownink wif regret~
Lets gone be by gone n past is past...
luv the people who treat u rite,
forget the one who make u cry,
n believe 1things happen for a reason,
if u get a chance, take it...
if it changes ur life, let it~
so he was totally gone in my life~ n others come in back.. i nver ask for dat things happen...
but thank God who cme back to my life.. though we juz friend.. n i juz wanna tke it as simple as me...haha i nver ask u to go n to come back to my life.. as u wish to.. its great!
well strive for excllent in my stdy is the most important!
lets focus~

Friday, November 26, 2010


huh*talking about today~ then I got a 6.45a.m wake up call from my friend.. erghh so lazy to take a bath but thought about Differential Equation paper at 9.a.m I forced myself to woke up.. its like a big stone on my eyes.. damn! y it was so hard to answer this paper??? then my friend told me the same thing~ weuu!
doin nothing for all day long could make me crazy...
herm I dont like being single but exprienced tot me the lesson.. haha padan muke!! but anyway im not trying to meet anyone rite now.. juz being friend..but somehow im ready to.. hihi it will come juz fast or behind time.. though i havnt being single for dat long..hahaha thats how im looking at..juz keep on doing my thing n ignore bout that first.,,yeah u can do it Tasya!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raya haji

thiz year we celebrate raya haji at Kuantan without Syed Dzafeer.. herm im glad to have my parents here but somehow I was shocked to heard that my dad will retire early.. maybe end of this year...so sad! my heart pounding~ OMG how we gonna save n budget since we got 3cars to maintain.. 1more bad news, my father's car - VIOS gonna trade in.. replace with Alza.... argghhh~
so sad!!!
no more Milo, Maggie n nestle stuff after thiz.. no more work at Jom Heboh, schools, supermarket n side income, no more family day at Genting, Cameron, Langkawi, no more..no more~ huk2...
I'll be missing all memories being Nestle family..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

my beloved bufday!

2day is my mom's bufday... 'happy bufday mak!!! smoga pjg umo n murahkan rezki.. adik syg mak sgt2.. u r greatest mother in the world.. when im at home, u always cook my fav dishes! i love u very much! '

esok lak my father's bufday..haha sweet kan...? bufday dkat2.. smoga bkekalan rumah tgga parent aku nih.. ' happy bufday to u Lid! I love u too!! pjg umo n dmurahkan lg rezki. cant wait 4 u to come n visit me here (TRGnu)...

both of u r such a perfect parent in thiz world.. LOVE U too damnnnnn much

mggu ni stdy week~ hurm smpai umh smlm, tpat kol 12pg. sume muke tensyen2 aku tgk smpai aku pon tensyen nk mlangkah kaki dlm umah. come on la guys, chill ok.. xpyh nk nk tnsyen2.. aduh sabaq je lh.. thank to Lan yg amek aku kt terminal..

Sunday, November 7, 2010

on my vacation

always fite! thats the way we r...

happy dgn dorg ni, always make me laugh~

11 mlm smpai 7pg... lepak ngan awin, syed, kandar.. smpai bteri low

kt teluk cmpedak..

karok is my hobby~lalala
chalet SAYANG cherating.. msa ni nk blek dah...
aksi gile2 kami~
on 5nov ke cherating
aktviti : bakar ayam. awin n syed
kat hotel, pnginapan abg zali utk smggu kat M.s garden
pnakot yg amat la die ni,.aduh pape pon thanks ar lanje mcm2
karok kat kompleks truntum kuantan..bsama org2 tua..hahaha
having a gud tyme wif them..