Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Fathers day!

even its too late to wish happy fathers day,it doesnt matter to me. for me, evryday is da day for father n mother as long we still appreciate them..

dear Lid,
I love u wif all my heart n soul..
I know i am stubborn, but somehow i learned how hard diz life without u!
we r all depend 100% on u~without u, we r nothing in diz world..
Im sorry if smetimes i hurt u~
didnt meant to do so..
deep inside u r still my HERO!
thanks for giving me a car, lappy, money n the most important was ur love..
u brighten up my life even more better day after day!
u r not simply gives me watever i want~ the reason??? u want me to work for it!
I dont regret if i I lost my things, but i rather regret if i lost u!

his advice:
* nver tell a lie bcoz it only save u in 1day.. but tell the truth will protect u for the rest of u life~
* dont lie to a liar!
* sometimes u must learn how to say NO!
* 'U should live a better life than me in future'

I promise to be a gud daughter 4u!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Stuff

I luv my stuff very much! mostly i bought it wif my own money~ but the things i would appriciate it ever after was my CAR n my LAPPY!!

this is my walid bought it when im in matriculation... wat is special bout my lappy was it colour.. PINK! hahaha
my beloved father bought diz car for me when im in second smester in UMT~
i luv my dad very much.. he is very concern bout his children..firstly i ask him to buy juz a motorcycle but he think for the future.. if rainy day, how could i go to class wif mtrcycle?

*diz is my staff which i bought wit my own money..

diz mP4 is not mine actually..
firstly i bought wif rm195 when i was
16th year old..tkena virus, need to reformat..
i sent it to dat shop back to repair. bout 1month
dun have any respond.. when i went to dat shop,they gve me not the same wif mine b4.. very
frustrated! but its ok then.. bleh la dgr gak..but now dah rosak. xleh tekan..sob3..:(

* Motorola L6~
i bought wif my own money msa kja ngan lid (jom heboh) when i was 16th years old..2days for rm 280. bout 1month it really worth isn't it? msa tu hrga dia rm428.. smpai la aku msu k UMT.. very mula xleh nk charge.aku bg kat adik aku..

hp ni aku beli masa sem 2 in matrik. rm720.. haha ni yg xbesh sket dgr kn.. (gune duit matrik) !
but it dun bother me at all i think.. haha

Gift from my lover on my bufday~

eventhough he doesnt have much money, he try to give me something to rmember.. n i very appriciate it! thanks dear but we not meant to be together~ sory to lead u n leave u~ i did it bcoz i have a reason..

i really luv u but.....i have no choice..

Thursday, June 24, 2010

sem break~


fuh lme giler xblogging nih! tp sem break ni mmg im fill up with bnefit things alhamdulillah everythings goin smooth.. im goin to lgkawi...with my ****, mmg enjoy~ besh sgt! g umah mak angkat.. tdo sane~

* really miz dat moment~

after back to sP.... kerja, kerja n kerja.. even kerja ni gaji sket, tp enjoy jer.. xde la tensyen sgt.. tokey pon ok jer ngan aku.. atleast dgn keje fotostat n cuci gmbr, i learned smething new.. kwn2 pon baek2..
  • ni mase bufday kak wani.. tokey lanjer KFC... yum2! not to forget,kek pon ade gakk... * ade gak income drpd dok saje kat umah~
my best frend from perlis(syed mukhtar al-yahya), come to visit me n family... happy to spent tyme wit him.. g karaoke, hang out.. even aku bz keje, tp ade gak msa kuar ngan dye.. * he will futher his stdy to ireland diz august in medic~
~ wish to c him again....

tpaksa amek cuti utk p cameron bsama family~ we went for 2cars, my car n my dad's.. bgilir2 drive dr sP to cameron.. alhamdulillah pjalanan pergi kami slamat.. btolak pkol 11.3opg n sampai kol 4.30ptg.. then they have a jungle tracking.. im not involved bcoz still tired at dat tyme drivin'.. so lepak je kat blik.. mlm tu lak ade dinner..then ari jmaat, p jln2..
ari sabtu, we went back to sP.. ondaway nk trun dr cameron, we have bad tragedy in my life ever..msa tu ujan.. jln plak drove my car wit me n amir inside.. lid, awin n mak dah jauh tggalkan kami.. then suddenly, maybe kreta hilang kawalan n my car was turn around 360degree... fuh pgalaman yg xleh dlupekan..seb baek xjd pape.. line plak xde msa tu.. fuh ketaq ltut aku~ but luckily nothing was happen~ thank GOD!

baru smpai kat De' La Ferns Hotel kat Tanah Rata

ondaway to Cameron
snap by Awin
having a dinner~

* drive carefully next tyme~