Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deepavali update!

Heyoo guys!

Bila tiba musim percutian, wajib pergi berjalan menghabiskan duit dan tenaga. Kalau tak musim cuti pon wajib pergi melepaskan pekong di dada.. ehh.. tak, tak. Juz merehatkan minda yang sentiasa rehat ni. hewhew.. So, where did my friends and I went to? Sebab kekeringan dan kekontangan duit maka, destinasi terdekat menjadi pilihan. Yang penting view untuk snap snap mesti lah hebat giler gempak dan gambar boleh letak dalam majalah kanak-kanak..

So this is where the place my friends and I went to.. the place memang superb lawa. Apparently we could reach the island without boat! HOW?? ok fine. should go and pry out urself guys!

This place is different from the above picture. Tempat ni pon sangat lawa. the beach view was so nice. Boleh jadi tenang bile ade masalah kalau datang sini.

with Echa and Scha

p/s: malang tidak berbau. sedang asyik berposing tak ingat dunia, ombak yang jeles sebab posing maut diberikan terutama oleh Scha hewhew..., telah memandikan Izah separuh badan. Lepastu terpaksa menukar pakaian. Lucky for us sebab bawa baju salin sebab niat nak mandi pantai. Then kat depan toilet tu ade pengambaran, mungkin sambungan dari filem hantu bonceng, sebab Izah dan Yana selisih dengan Zizan tapi harus tabik spring kat dorang sebab buat tak tahu. Sori Zizan, dorang tengah blur masa tu. Juliana Evan pon ade skali masa tu. Ahmad Idham pon ade. Ah.. do I care? Nexttttt!!!

All of us yang mengikuti 'rombongan serpihan'

Should thank to Mr Harith (bukan nama sebenar) kerana sudi membawa kami pergi ke tempat yang cantek ni lepas tu jadi photographer lepastu terpaksa belanja kami semua air kelapa dan sotong celup. Thank u so much cik Harith!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recently activities

Seriously when u got nothing to do with ur bad day, please go out and get ur life anyway!
My recently activities for last few days was girls out days. We went to TMC which is located at Kerteh which 2hours from my college. The place is the only mall got cinema in Terengganu. OK FINE! im not dat addicted to watch it but if friends happy, i am happy as well. The activities were karaoke, watching movie 'alhijab' - hanging movie, and window shopping - girls activities.
these are several photo taken ;

with atikah -searching for gud song to sing

Echa choose Enggan song by Fauziah Latif, at last she left the 'high picth' ever song to me demmit! Tapi nyanyi dengan gaya cool :D

When she got confuse which one to buy. She would ask for us to help her to choose, at last, we all buy it for ourself. Duhhh!

These pictures were another day taken when we got free and bored time in the evening. Took fresh air kat pantai.. and pictures too!

Taken by Izzah buttercup : sangat lawa view pic ni!

with my dopperganger/ twin tyqa

The best part activities must do was search for a gud meal to melantak!
Apparently mcd jadi pilihan hati..

Thats all for now. Will update for more... tungguuuuu~ hee :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


I got this from someone's blog dan article ni memang bagus and terasa nak share even semua orang mungkin dah well known,

5 perkara yang kita semua mahukan dan berusaha utk mendapatkannya:

1. wajah yang cantik

2. duit yang banyak

3. kesihatan yang baik

4. anak2 yg cerdik dan berjaya macam kita

5. tidur yang nyenyak tanpa ganguan

Senang je untuk mendapatkannya. Hanya 15minit setiap hari. Kata Nabi saw: “Siapa yang tinggalkan solat subuh, tiadalah padanya nur di wajahnya dan siapa yang tinggalkan solat zohor, tiadalah padanya rezeki yang berkat dan barang siapa yang tinggalkan solat asar, tiadalah padanya kekuatan badan, dan siapa yang tinggalkan solat maghrib, tiadalah padanya anak2 yg bermanfaat dan barangsiapa yang tinggalkan solat isyak, tiadalah padanya tidur yang nyenyak.”

Sampaikanlah daripada Nabi saw itu walaupun satu ayat.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

behind someone's favourite songs is untold story!

This topic was come across my mind when I felt so bored to sit in a silent place without any song. Seriously I cannot stand if there is no music to listen to. Plus my lappys sound didnt work out. Im totally lost and bored! So lets cekcekcekidout how music treat us!

Music affects the brain, mood and mind

Have u ever feel like some music reminded u of someone, something, or a place u were at? Yes I often feel it. That is wat music treat u. It affect ur mind and brain. When we breakup, music is always be our companion to help us melayan perasaan. When we listen to sad song, it can bring us to how horrible terrible breakups are. It shape peoples belief about breakup and make us suffer 10 times more padahal buat rugi air mata je padahal pernah buat padahal tak mengaku!

You are wat u listen to

Have u ever heard u are wat u eat? Haa..this time, u r wat u listen to! Sebab if u prefer to listen to motivating songs and if u kept doing this for a long time, u become much more self motivated. Daripada someone who always listen to sad song macam orang tu yang melayan perasaan selalu macam membazir air mata memang merugikan tapi dah insaf tak buat lagi.

So, I juz can't live without songs. My favourite songs more to sad song and r&B. Tapi layan je semua lagu kcuali Tamil and Chinese song. ok fine u know wat I mean rite. Amazingly, songs actually can make us remember everything.. :D

p/s : quick and serabut update!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ruins my life

I don’t know what happen lately sampai ade makhluk2 yang sanggup make some fake account in facebook just to let me approve them. Yang sudah tu sudah la. Lets start a new life and please don’t disturb my life. Live ur life in ur own way la. Tak payah la nak jadi stalker lagi. I am finished with u and we are nothing. Dah tak de ape lagi for a very long time. Wat else do u want from me? I just don’t want u no more so please step away from me.

Sampai terpaksa wat relationship kat fb. Thanks Syed for help me to get rid of that guy even we know its wierd if we are in relationship hewhew. I also don’t wanna be hypocrite to be in relationship with u. Just terpaksa. Hewhew macam bongok je kan. But anyway thanks again. Saya terpaksa. Damn! I don’t like this. Tak pernah aku wat relationship bagai kat fb tibe2 he ruins my fb n my life also. Argh actually I don’t have any idea on how to make him believe that I juz don’t want him erm erk entahla. U can go to hell lah. Malas nak layan.

I just knew someone and I think I had ruin it again juz because the ‘relationship-things’ kat fb tuh. Damn! Memang dengki. Takpelah its my fate. But I hope dat someone would understand my situation and if can, I wanna know u better =D. R u reading diz?? Hurmmm...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Girls nite out!

Seems like i've been abandoned my blog for a while since I don't have any berokband and wireless at home. Some short update tonite~

Im about to lift up my mood by goin out tonite, ber'online and having fun with housemate as tomorrow we are going to watch the-only-cinema in TERENGGANU but lets celebrate it tonite!

Suddenly my mood is turn off becoz of something. Feeling so sad and empty. Fine lar.. terima hakikat. Memang tak. Tetiba teringat pepatah omputeh 'When u r too choosy u get nothing' Yes!! Its true. Sekian

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Konvokesyen ke-9 Umt

Umt membuka tirai pesta konvo pada 29/9/11. I swear I didn’t missed any nyte staying and walking around browsing something to buy. See! I can’t help myself to stop buying things. Macam-macam ada. Clothes, food, bicycle and most important is flower for graduation student. Im willing to buy the flower but there is no one to give to T_T, I mean is it worth it? hurmm So I ended up not to buy.. wee =D

Macam biase la, setiap kali pesta konvo, mesti ade artis yang turut memeriahkan suasana. Tapi Umt tak pilih artis yang gempak-gempak. UNIC macam-artis-wajib yang akan dijemput, then malam ke-2, Zahiril pelakon utama Juvana. Then Dafi Af, bintang idola kecil pon nak jemput, fine. Erm tak kisahla, whatever artis pon, sori saya tak minat sangat :p

Walaupun hujan, tetap ku gagahi berjalan dalam pesta konvo itu. Mengapakah?? Luckily someone willing to be my companion to walk around dat pesta konvo and thanks for dat someone . Thanks for willing to meet me up at pesta konvo. Thanks for ur treat. Thanks for a gud conversation. Thanks for everything. Till we meet again…