Tuesday, October 18, 2011

behind someone's favourite songs is untold story!

This topic was come across my mind when I felt so bored to sit in a silent place without any song. Seriously I cannot stand if there is no music to listen to. Plus my lappys sound didnt work out. Im totally lost and bored! So lets cekcekcekidout how music treat us!

Music affects the brain, mood and mind

Have u ever feel like some music reminded u of someone, something, or a place u were at? Yes I often feel it. That is wat music treat u. It affect ur mind and brain. When we breakup, music is always be our companion to help us melayan perasaan. When we listen to sad song, it can bring us to how horrible terrible breakups are. It shape peoples belief about breakup and make us suffer 10 times more padahal buat rugi air mata je padahal pernah buat padahal tak mengaku!

You are wat u listen to

Have u ever heard u are wat u eat? Haa..this time, u r wat u listen to! Sebab if u prefer to listen to motivating songs and if u kept doing this for a long time, u become much more self motivated. Daripada someone who always listen to sad song macam orang tu yang melayan perasaan selalu macam membazir air mata memang merugikan tapi dah insaf tak buat lagi.

So, I juz can't live without songs. My favourite songs more to sad song and r&B. Tapi layan je semua lagu kcuali Tamil and Chinese song. ok fine u know wat I mean rite. Amazingly, songs actually can make us remember everything.. :D

p/s : quick and serabut update!

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