Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ruins my life

I don’t know what happen lately sampai ade makhluk2 yang sanggup make some fake account in facebook just to let me approve them. Yang sudah tu sudah la. Lets start a new life and please don’t disturb my life. Live ur life in ur own way la. Tak payah la nak jadi stalker lagi. I am finished with u and we are nothing. Dah tak de ape lagi for a very long time. Wat else do u want from me? I just don’t want u no more so please step away from me.

Sampai terpaksa wat relationship kat fb. Thanks Syed for help me to get rid of that guy even we know its wierd if we are in relationship hewhew. I also don’t wanna be hypocrite to be in relationship with u. Just terpaksa. Hewhew macam bongok je kan. But anyway thanks again. Saya terpaksa. Damn! I don’t like this. Tak pernah aku wat relationship bagai kat fb tibe2 he ruins my fb n my life also. Argh actually I don’t have any idea on how to make him believe that I juz don’t want him erm erk entahla. U can go to hell lah. Malas nak layan.

I just knew someone and I think I had ruin it again juz because the ‘relationship-things’ kat fb tuh. Damn! Memang dengki. Takpelah its my fate. But I hope dat someone would understand my situation and if can, I wanna know u better =D. R u reading diz?? Hurmmm...

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