Monday, April 30, 2012

Dinner Party!!

Hellow readers (macam ade je)...
Wow it took me forever to update my new entry. Almaklumla.. busy kan... (busy kew?)
Kejap je dah nak masuk bulan May! Aku kat UMT tercinto ni pon tak sampai 2bulan je lagi inshaallah doakan kejayaan aku bergraduat tahun ni lepas tu boleh kerja lepas tu boleh kawen! yeay! hakhak..

Oh ya, last two weeks I had a dinner called Malam Sanggar Mustika untuk pelajar matematik komputasi last year (senior gitu kannnn...) which was held at Hotel Tanjung Vista Kuala Terengganu!  So sebenaqnya aku tunggu gambaq dari kawan-kawan aku la. Ye la, diri sendiri nak ambil gambaq tak dan! Sibuk duk makan. So bagi orang laen amek la.. ngeh3

with 3gojezz mathkomp's --> Sharifah Nurul Khalilah, Amirah & Adila

3hottest pewitt!! Asilah in red hijab

penyanyi Hot UMT.. Iwan Razali future AF21

 Cube cari dimanakah dahku??

with soon future bride!

candid pic always be needed!

Makanan wajib penuh satu meja! worth of RM50 per head?? I think we need another full 2table for 10person!

 uhuk uhuk...wekk

 Mahasiswi matematik komputasi dan matematik kewangan

Mahasiswa matematik komputasi dan kewangan.. hikhik ^_^

A lot of picture not upload here.. not worth waiting but anyway takdak sapa pon nak baca blog hang Tasya.. so untuk tontonan sendiri. sekian.

Not to forget, my make up, kdt to my rumate Soraya! Kalau nak harapkan aku, alamatnye, bedak compact, lipstick n mascara..done!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


So today is my last day home for 1 week mid sem break..  1 week just a short holiday to plan big event so I go with the flow as my usual routine. Jogging, eat, sleep.. 

Today I woke up early to send my dad to Grandpa's house for gardening.

My dad sow the seed,  my mom and me reap it. Weehooooo

Wait!! Look at wat I found! Pity bird dead! I thought it because of snake. There's another kitten died in the store!!

Ok so after get back home, me n mom bake a chocolate cake. Tak jadi sangat tapi boleh la nak makan... :(

ohooo... Actually I got an eye sick so I have to wear a sunglass all the way to protect my eyes from UV. Sory Im not dat kind of snob person!

Dats all for my update for this sem-break

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why should it be???

Yesterday I was thinking 'kalau la phone camera ni rosak lagi....'

Then suddenly, really OUT OF SUDDEN today it happen!!!! Damn it!

I should't even think about bad thing seriously. Strictly CANNOT!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life is not about pleasing everyone!

There was a time I felt like I gonna make everybody respect me for who I am. But I was wrong because for the time being Ive learned about life, people around and people behavior. People is not perfect! We make mistakes, we make it twice, then we learned. Ive done a lot of mistakes, so I decided to not bother about people around.

People see, people hear, people talk. Seriously they don't have any idea of what they heard. Frankly speak, I don't believe and I don't really like people gossiping around but usually I listen to them to be more careful about what they said, perhaps its true. I don't believe until I seeing the truth. Dat is so me. Seeing is believing. So why we bother talking and gossiping people around? We make mistake too..So rather than having a slander hanging out of our pocket, better we mind our own business. 

Theres a lot of people try to argue with me about something, and I usually argue back with them but sometimes I'd rather keep silence not because I lose the argument but I mature enough not to talk nonsense with them. People can always keep talking about others' mistake but we usually cannot see our mistake! Only people around us will realize our mistake and they keep talking about us. Dat is why people cannot get enough talking about others. But for me, :

                            "                                                                                                           "