Saturday, April 14, 2012


So today is my last day home for 1 week mid sem break..  1 week just a short holiday to plan big event so I go with the flow as my usual routine. Jogging, eat, sleep.. 

Today I woke up early to send my dad to Grandpa's house for gardening.

My dad sow the seed,  my mom and me reap it. Weehooooo

Wait!! Look at wat I found! Pity bird dead! I thought it because of snake. There's another kitten died in the store!!

Ok so after get back home, me n mom bake a chocolate cake. Tak jadi sangat tapi boleh la nak makan... :(

ohooo... Actually I got an eye sick so I have to wear a sunglass all the way to protect my eyes from UV. Sory Im not dat kind of snob person!

Dats all for my update for this sem-break

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