Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life is not about pleasing everyone!

There was a time I felt like I gonna make everybody respect me for who I am. But I was wrong because for the time being Ive learned about life, people around and people behavior. People is not perfect! We make mistakes, we make it twice, then we learned. Ive done a lot of mistakes, so I decided to not bother about people around.

People see, people hear, people talk. Seriously they don't have any idea of what they heard. Frankly speak, I don't believe and I don't really like people gossiping around but usually I listen to them to be more careful about what they said, perhaps its true. I don't believe until I seeing the truth. Dat is so me. Seeing is believing. So why we bother talking and gossiping people around? We make mistake too..So rather than having a slander hanging out of our pocket, better we mind our own business. 

Theres a lot of people try to argue with me about something, and I usually argue back with them but sometimes I'd rather keep silence not because I lose the argument but I mature enough not to talk nonsense with them. People can always keep talking about others' mistake but we usually cannot see our mistake! Only people around us will realize our mistake and they keep talking about us. Dat is why people cannot get enough talking about others. But for me, :

                            "                                                                                                           "

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  1. Believe half of what you see but nothing of what you hear!

    ...nice & good proverb which means even though what you see can never be true to your eyes..what else about what you's even may not be correct and true also..