Friday, March 30, 2012


With heavy eyes reading my final year project, I decided to mess around pakcik google. While browsing the google I suddenly got an eye attention on my lappy! *eyes open-wide* WOW!! this is really eyes catching and the place I must Go!

Apparently there is 1100 islands in Maldives and only 200 are occupied. The population is about 350,000.

 There are about 900 resorts in Maldives and one island only have one resort.

 The ocean looked crystal clear where we can see the fishes and corals from the above. Damn beautiful!

Cannot deny why the place is called 'heaven on earth'.

I always wanted to go to a nice and beautiful place where the view is breath-taking with someone special. Hope this is the place worth-dreaming!

To my future husband---> P/S : Looking foward to go to Maldives for our honeymoon place! wehoo >.<

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