Wednesday, March 28, 2012


First of all, I want to apologize to anyone who get annoying reading my blog because of my broken english.(macam ramai je yang baca blog aku..haaaaa kan dah ter’speaking’ malay! Ni korang punya pasal ah nih! Slalu je dengki ngan aku kan? ) Ok get back to my own track. I just cannot learn new particular words if I keep blogging in bahasa and this is the only way I practice my english instead of speak it out. :p

why the hell I put this photo on??? ~LayaN~

Some people might say friendship is almost like a relationship. Some people might say a relationship has more advantage than friendship, then they treat their relationship more than their friendship but at the end of the day, the relationship gone, they’ll go and find their friendship. Wat the hell with this people? Go get ur life anyway! Don’t just stick to ur relationship, trust me. Because for me, friendship is more important over relationship.

Friends has come and go. But true friend will stay forever. Realize that sometimes there are people that quietly comes and walks away in ur life. These kind of people are too selfish for me! They would kiss my butt if I tell them to. They would agree 100% on what I say. They would praise me non-stop just because they want to be in my good books. They just come for a reason and left when u r no more benefits for them. Fuck these people! I just hate it eventhough sometimes we have to be selfish but remember once people being nice to you, treat them like forever they are ur best friend.

I have gone through diz hard situation and complicated issue in my friendship and I felt like its truly hurt than being hurt in a relationship! Because friends is like ur life where u coudn’t live without and u are wat they are! See? I don’t know how to explain but everyone could understand that ‘kawan kamu mencerminkan diri kamu’. Heck! I dont want to be labeled like the worst ever friends I could have had!

I kind of passive person. Do not talk too much with people I dont even know. So kind of hard making friends. And some people told me that I looked completely snob for the first time we get to know each other. Ok fine! Its may sound lame because some other person could be the ‘friendly’ type where he/she can make friends easily, which that is not so me... and that is bonus to them for making more friend. Congratulation!

There are also friends who talk nice infront of u but talking shit behind u. He/she will talk about other person to u,then he/she will talk about u to other person. See? U can go dig ur own grave, friend! I believe this kind of person gotta very bad attitude in the first place. They won’t satisfied with their own,and then they find someone's else’s mistake! Watdaa?? Sick of this people. I would go like, just to listen to them and judge them inside. Hurmm, let them be...let them be. And I will NEVER AGREE, i repeat, NEVER AGREE to person who talking nonsense about others, then he/she get back treat them like a pet!

Im not saying that I dont want to be anyone's friend. Dont strike me as a snob when I dont treat u the way u want me to treat you because u treat me like how I used to treat u! (fine, wat am I talking about??)  Im slow when it comes to other people around me. Somehow I always wanna be the best friends of yours! I like to take my time, do it in my own pace and learn on my own will.

This is the quote I get from google about TRUE friend!

“The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had”

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  1. Differentiate friednship between...
    1. Friends
    2. Good Friends
    3. Best friends
    4. Childhood friends
    5. School friends
    6. Just friends

    ...try to learn what type of friends these are.