Thursday, March 8, 2012

Decent wedding ceremony

My aunty's wedding was first held in Saloma Bistro, Kuala Lumpur, which I didn't post any of her photo wedding there because what Ive got here is some decent wedding ceremony that was held in my kampung.

Kiddoes memories lane in this road!! Miss that time badly when I was about 9 to 12 years old playing guli, mandi dalam parit, kejar-kejar and all stuff..... Argghhh kids never have any problems!

The best thing for the lauk was fried fresh catfish.. wooo garing gilos!! Tengok budak bawah ni muka bangga dapat gigit ikan keli goreng garing macam kucing dapat friskis..meowmeow for the 5times curi ikan.. Tahniah!

This is the very simple pelamin decent look  is it? "Hurmm yeah.." said the gurl on the very leftside..

Look that pencuri ikan keli also wants to interframe. But he did a gud job topuped the candleflowerball instead! 

Goodies for the guests 

The lovely eheemmmm flowergurl..
Thank you!

Congratulations to my aunty Farah Elena Ahmad, 27  and her partner Ikram Harith Irawan Bambang

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