Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recently activities

Seriously when u got nothing to do with ur bad day, please go out and get ur life anyway!
My recently activities for last few days was girls out days. We went to TMC which is located at Kerteh which 2hours from my college. The place is the only mall got cinema in Terengganu. OK FINE! im not dat addicted to watch it but if friends happy, i am happy as well. The activities were karaoke, watching movie 'alhijab' - hanging movie, and window shopping - girls activities.
these are several photo taken ;

with atikah -searching for gud song to sing

Echa choose Enggan song by Fauziah Latif, at last she left the 'high picth' ever song to me demmit! Tapi nyanyi dengan gaya cool :D

When she got confuse which one to buy. She would ask for us to help her to choose, at last, we all buy it for ourself. Duhhh!

These pictures were another day taken when we got free and bored time in the evening. Took fresh air kat pantai.. and pictures too!

Taken by Izzah buttercup : sangat lawa view pic ni!

with my dopperganger/ twin tyqa

The best part activities must do was search for a gud meal to melantak!
Apparently mcd jadi pilihan hati..

Thats all for now. Will update for more... tungguuuuu~ hee :D

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