Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Stuff

I luv my stuff very much! mostly i bought it wif my own money~ but the things i would appriciate it ever after was my CAR n my LAPPY!!

this is my walid bought it when im in matriculation... wat is special bout my lappy was it colour.. PINK! hahaha
my beloved father bought diz car for me when im in second smester in UMT~
i luv my dad very much.. he is very concern bout his children..firstly i ask him to buy juz a motorcycle but he think for the future.. if rainy day, how could i go to class wif mtrcycle?

*diz is my staff which i bought wit my own money..

diz mP4 is not mine actually..
firstly i bought wif rm195 when i was
16th year old..tkena virus, need to reformat..
i sent it to dat shop back to repair. bout 1month
dun have any respond.. when i went to dat shop,they gve me not the same wif mine b4.. very
frustrated! but its ok then.. bleh la dgr gak..but now dah rosak. xleh tekan..sob3..:(

* Motorola L6~
i bought wif my own money msa kja ngan lid (jom heboh) when i was 16th years old..2days for rm 280. bout 1month it really worth isn't it? msa tu hrga dia rm428.. smpai la aku msu k UMT.. very mula xleh nk charge.aku bg kat adik aku..

hp ni aku beli masa sem 2 in matrik. rm720.. haha ni yg xbesh sket dgr kn.. (gune duit matrik) !
but it dun bother me at all i think.. haha

Gift from my lover on my bufday~

eventhough he doesnt have much money, he try to give me something to rmember.. n i very appriciate it! thanks dear but we not meant to be together~ sory to lead u n leave u~ i did it bcoz i have a reason..

i really luv u but.....i have no choice..

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