Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Fathers day!

even its too late to wish happy fathers day,it doesnt matter to me. for me, evryday is da day for father n mother as long we still appreciate them..

dear Lid,
I love u wif all my heart n soul..
I know i am stubborn, but somehow i learned how hard diz life without u!
we r all depend 100% on u~without u, we r nothing in diz world..
Im sorry if smetimes i hurt u~
didnt meant to do so..
deep inside u r still my HERO!
thanks for giving me a car, lappy, money n the most important was ur love..
u brighten up my life even more better day after day!
u r not simply gives me watever i want~ the reason??? u want me to work for it!
I dont regret if i I lost my things, but i rather regret if i lost u!

his advice:
* nver tell a lie bcoz it only save u in 1day.. but tell the truth will protect u for the rest of u life~
* dont lie to a liar!
* sometimes u must learn how to say NO!
* 'U should live a better life than me in future'

I promise to be a gud daughter 4u!!

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