Monday, November 29, 2010

cant stand!

huh thought life is too short to wake up in the mownink wif regret~
Lets gone be by gone n past is past...
luv the people who treat u rite,
forget the one who make u cry,
n believe 1things happen for a reason,
if u get a chance, take it...
if it changes ur life, let it~
so he was totally gone in my life~ n others come in back.. i nver ask for dat things happen...
but thank God who cme back to my life.. though we juz friend.. n i juz wanna tke it as simple as me...haha i nver ask u to go n to come back to my life.. as u wish to.. its great!
well strive for excllent in my stdy is the most important!
lets focus~

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