Friday, November 26, 2010


huh*talking about today~ then I got a 6.45a.m wake up call from my friend.. erghh so lazy to take a bath but thought about Differential Equation paper at 9.a.m I forced myself to woke up.. its like a big stone on my eyes.. damn! y it was so hard to answer this paper??? then my friend told me the same thing~ weuu!
doin nothing for all day long could make me crazy...
herm I dont like being single but exprienced tot me the lesson.. haha padan muke!! but anyway im not trying to meet anyone rite now.. juz being friend..but somehow im ready to.. hihi it will come juz fast or behind time.. though i havnt being single for dat long..hahaha thats how im looking at..juz keep on doing my thing n ignore bout that first.,,yeah u can do it Tasya!

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