Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My off day story

Don't be jealous people because my off day was usually on 25th & above every month.
So when you got ur salary and it is actually ur off day,...... WOW!

So today Im goin out wit hub to settle everything.
ASB saving, ptptn, tyres alignment, phone thingy,  aquarium thingy and fooooooooddddd.....!!
No outing if no food yeah!

This month alhamdulillah rezeki lebih
So hub n me buy some of thing in our wish list
Hub bought his things
I bought food
Our entertainment cost about 3hundred n above
And we were satisfied!
No word to describe after we work so hard to gain the happiness in terms of enjoying ourself.

Eventough hub work on midnight shift but he can still awake till 4pm!
Pity him but he was so happy for his new thing
I think he cannot sleep right now...

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