Friday, March 14, 2014

im turned 24years

13.3.14 and im turned 24 years old. how time flies!
hubby want to take me out to celebrate my bday..
but dono where to go.. 
then we decide to go to north.. its Perlis!
Penang dah bosan katanyer..hurm layankan...
and we go to.......

snake farm omg!! dah xde tempat len yg paling romantik..wakaka

Tq hubby for this!! really luv it!! 

tq for SR white choc cake too....!! its delicios

After all u made my day!
tq for all wishes too from my friends and relative..
tq awin for doin bbq jgakk even ii is not for me i thought..huhu

1 comment:

  1. it is 4 u lah!!! aiyaa...
    May Allah bless u always..
    Love u!!