Wednesday, September 7, 2011

should have make things clear

my email box is getting messy since last few month I put aside. Read my hundred emails, 1 of email I got from someone who open up my eyes and tell me the true story. Should thank to her & apologize coz I didn’t realize dat Ive made a bad story about her in my last entry.. Anyone can say ‘im sory’ but it takes a real person to own up to their mistake & fix it.. and I do!! We get a cryptic problem here so let me make things clear..

The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business. Pointing finger on others can make them satisfy anyway.. So they can’t stop talking about people. They will always see the black dot on white paper but seldom notice the white background. They will see the specks on others eyes but not on their own. What to do, but to be human…

They won’t knew the true story but still wanna create a stupid lame bad story about others dat made them like a hero to know anything.. It might give them strength to live a life with slander hanging out of their pocket & their asshole.. What the lame-brained!!

All that we’ve been through were juz misunderstood and listen to one side stupid created story and we accused each other on the spot and we won’t budge. Dat is our mistake! Actually we have to pry the truth out of them and think again whose mistake and then only we could blame. But apparently, dat is not our mistake. Im glad! There were others who often didn’t satisfy with someone’s life.

So here I wanna apologize thing I do wrong to u. And we have made things clear rite? So Im sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt u. Slamat hari raya and gud luck!

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