Saturday, January 7, 2012

Released tension

on 31Dec2011,

Basically, I have no idea how to make my heart feeling better. Had a very bad homesick last week and ryte now actually. But thank God, I have a beloved sister who understand me and afford to come here to see me.. :D and also she will getting married soon and you know wat? you will ruin our plan, Awin! Plan better and forget about getting married and-wat-so-ever.. Let enjoy being single!! wehooo!

Thanks for RM50, u r such a great sister to me.. :D
hope ur life will always full of happiness and have a great-great rejeki!
I luv u!

Thanks for Magnum icecream.. so sweetttttt eww.. I swear taknak makan lagi!

Rambang mata nak beli servinuour

Last pose for 2011 infront of Masjid Madinah :D

Physically look gud on the camera lens but bad capture if we dunno how to use it.

Beli mahal2 tapi taktau nak guna

ok I am the last one to know this! wat a lame!! Tapi nampak cool... I dun have any idea bila lid suka modified his car....nice sportrims..

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  1. LOVE u too sis...
    tp xpaham psl plan tu..
    huhu... x rugi kwen awl la..
    nk baby cpt2 :) huhu *gatai*
    laki aku tua.. so kna buat ank cpt2 ar :p