Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Veterinary session

Last day I went to my bestiest's home, Intan at Setapak KL. On purpose to see her brother's (Kamal) engagement but I couldn't get too long at her house as they seems very busy, so I make a move before Kamal's engagement day. Sob sob sob...

Her parents treat me well.. Thanks Cik Noi & P cik Zaman! Really appriciate it! The best part was having a gud meal. Asyik makan je.. ok r kann...hehe Since tadika, we knew each other, until now, Intan is super duper cat's lover. I would like to say congrates to u for ur dean list every sem in vet course.. wow its proved dat u r animal's lover kan..? How lucky u r. Dapat kos yg diminati.. tiap2 sem dekan..

I was surprised, still have people who concern about animal, sriesly.. Intan found poor kitten beside her house and took it to veterinar. Kalau my mom, jumpe kucing sihat pon she wont bother. Kucing pon takot tengok my mom, baru pegang penyapu, kucing lari dengan kaki bersepah-sepah tak cukup tanah nak lari.

force feed the kitten

I met diz kind of pure American curl at veterinar. diz cat gonna have vaccine injection untuk show.. fuiyoo

Also met Sertih, not pure American curl (mix breed). Could see the mix breed on her eyes.. very unique kan? macam pakai contact lens..

Then I noticed on the board, so many pets were missing! Ingatkan manusia yang hilang je ade mention kat board.. haha Im touched!

cat missing!

Then I found 'patient' (cat) got virus infection yang tak dapat diselamatkan. Terpaksa dicucuk the cat to 'sleep forever'... then the cat's owner tu nangis.. waaa sungguh pencinta kucing. Touched again!

Overall I enjoyed myself stay at ur home Intan, and Ive learned so much thing about animal especially cat :)

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  1. that white cat which has 2 different colour of her eyes is not cause by the mix breed i guess. it is caused by a disease named Heterochromia iridum. frequently infected to a white cat. ~pet~ style ak aku speaking?hha