Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding reception

Its been a long long time since I last update my entry yoo!
and now im up to wat Ive done recently...

Guess wat?

Im married!!!! 

hahaha.. if im married, im not wearing this kind of baju kurung la.... hellow!!

My bestfriend's sister wedding at Jitra Kedah
the theme is not bad. beautiful 

The wedding was held in Dewan Kubang Pasu Jitra..

We are lucky coz at time we arrived, the bride n the groom reach there 10min after that. 
So we don't have to stay longer than we thought bcoz I have to rush to work after that! haha...!!

Wow! She's so gorgeous! I adore her dress!! and the bunch of flower that she hold... nice

someone please take me ride one of this bike!! 

sweet couple! Aww

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