Thursday, October 4, 2012

Having a Nausea!

As KFC is up to a new menu which is Zinger Double Down, I'm totally breaking DOWN!! HAHAHA!
Seriously Im having a nausea with all menu in KFC! I even cannot eat em. Juz imagine, everyday I toast about hundred burgers.. damn! Felt like dying n vomiting! I took MC about 2days because im having a nausea! I cannot even think about it especially Colonel & Stacker burger! wekkkkk!! I cannot smell the green curry!

Toast burger sampai DEMAM!!

Zinger Double Down
(Percaya tak aku tak pernah rasa pon double down ni...seriously) 

Zinger Burger
(pon tak pernah makan..)


Cheese & mayo for cheesy wedges
(tak suka the smell)

Took MC & went to McD for having a Samurai burger. Wore KFC uniform to buy a Mcd such a crazy things ive done..

But I juz ate half of diz burger bcoz im not feeling well at dat time! damn...rugi!

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