Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wat's up???!

Finally today was my last day run shift on midnight shift.
Many obstacles dat we (I am actually) been through.. Gotta have a high critical thinking when I am on survival (midnight) shift. Everyone gone asleep, u r the one who gonna run shift alone. When something happen, takkan nak make a call malam-malam buta ganggu orang laen tido.. 
So yeah, Alhamdulillah I survived all that. 

Ada malam yang tak dijangka, customer tetiba ramai que pukol 5a.m.... pekerja hanya 5orang.. setiap department, sorang.. Product run out! I have to make a fastest decision. everyone is pointed at me. "Miss, bun habis.. Miss, telur dah habis.. Miss, fillet tak thaw lagi "Memang rasa nak lompat gak time tu tapi I just calm down and assign staff to cook watever we have while waiting for another staff to go find and buy dat product..

But I am lucky..I am not alone. Always been accompanied. Even from far.. Always there by my side. Thanks :)

update log book at 3.30 a.m

Oh ye.. berat dah turun sikit. mungkin sebab kerja malam 8hari tak makan. Balik kerja, tido sampai malam. So berat dah 61kg.. yahoo.. kena turunkan lagi

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