Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favourite Book!

"When u luv the 1 who was killing u, it left u no options!"

~ The most popular vampire novelist!
~ This is the latest of this story.. before this novel come out i thought it has 3 siries...
* Twilight * New Moon * Eclipse

yeah, I luv readin novels especially international books
from this novel / story I can learn how human live their life with the vampire..
human marriage with!
how could they live together?? definitely got many problems and obstacle especially when it comes to pregnancy~ how would thier children look like? could she pregnant?
so if u wanna know, read this novel till the end..

oMG how long this story, i cant finish it in 1 month I thought due to my class n stuff~
to make an endeavor to finish up reading this novel~

1 comment:

  1. After reading your post about it, I can imagine How intersting it is!!!!!! What a Beautifull theme of Story is....
    I think Life teaches us everytime How to tackle and rectify our problem.How to manage our relation in order to make our relation the more strong.Sometime we desire beyond our limit, we know that they could not be fullfilled......

    When I will get time, I will definetly read it......