Sunday, May 13, 2012

Selamat hari ibu!!

Jadi harini adalah hari ibu BAGI negara Malaysia! Yess I would say that because for me there's no reason why we should give it illegal to celebrate such a precious day with our precious one! yeah we can celebrate it everyday but give such a beautiful day to give more appriciation to our mom. Why we celebrate new years, why we celebrate birthday, why we celebrate labor day on that paticular day? Why don't we celebrate it everyday? 

Maybe they just dont know history of mother's day or confuse with mothering sunday and mother's day. Proclaiming from one person is never valid. He should mention that mother's day is not celebrated on the same day in each countries in the world. In Arab world, mothers day is celebrated on a totally different date because of different history. In fact the 2 strongest christian country (Ireland and UK dont celebrate on the same date as Malaysia and US. It juz ridiculous to say rosak akidah nak sambut hari ibu padahal new year pon asas yang sama, kenapa tak haramkan?

Some people would say that lain ulama lain pendapat dan pegangan berdasarkan hujah-hujah mereka. NO! Its not about that. He simply letakkan hukum dan fakta yang salah. its soooo cristal clear..that is all...
All this while ive been celebrated mother's day with mom and why no argument before? ok fine.

Antara kata-kata Dr. Ustz Mohd Asri :

"Antara kgnjilan fatwa dharamkn hari ibu, dhalalkn smbutn tahun baru..sdgkn kduanya asas yg sama, bahkn hari ibu lbih brfaedah"

Asas Islam;" dlm daily life, apa saja yg Quran n hadis x haramkn maka halal. Dlm Islam yg haram sdikit dbandingkn yg halal"

Special shout out goes to my mom!! Mak u r always the best despite we always arguing in many things. U juz simply sporting n supporting! I luv u mom!!!

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  1. Always give your full support to your mom. She has done a lot of things for you which money cannot buy and she never charge you a single cent bringing you up with hardship. She never complaint anything in bringing up all her children.