Thursday, June 7, 2012

Should children envy to their parent?

Like father like son!
Yeah that quote exactly true since my brother is preparing his A-level to go to Germany! Wat about "like father like daughter"? Maybe nope, maybe yes..Seperti ada sinar cahaya dan harapan.. So, should I envy my father since he went to oversea without me?? :(

My dad said to me " stay focus and struggle for the things that u want " Not everyhing he could give to me but im glad I have a dad like him. He is so humble, firm, low-profile but got high ego and will never ever budge!! So here we go ---> "like father like daughter" because not to mention that I got an ego like him! :p

Maybe I should envy him in a positive way!

Alcatraz San Fransisco

Tihuana Mexico

Seoul Korea

Perth Australia

Los Angeles

Las Vegas

Hover Dam San Fransisco

Los Angeles

Sydney Airport

My dad had achieve wat he wanted in his life. Almost everything. In my conclusion, sometimes got a high pointer in exam will not guarantee u to achieve ur dream. (ayat nak sedapkan hati..haktuiiihhhhh)  But work hard and positive thinking will do.

Damn! How I wish I could travel around the world!!! That would be my biggest wish. And that, maybe I will be more focus in my career in the future to achieve my dream. Can't wait to get a job but I dont want to finish my study in the meantime o.0

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  1. Everything can be done if u have money.. dem it!