Thursday, June 28, 2012

To the independent life

I swear im not independent person! All problems that I got, I'll refer to my dad and let him handle them all. Not to mention dat I like to procrastinate things. Always been scold by my dad!

I have procrastinated 2 things then today dad got angry and ask me to do it by today. " its juz simple thing and u cannot handle by urself? how come u want to apply for a job? " ok fine -_-
I know dad want his children to stand on their own feet! :o

Belum habis masalah lain, problem lain pulak timbul! So today I got call from celcom saying that I have RM164.30 arrears on the number dat I never register. So I take it for granted! Yeah, Please slap me then! Dad sk me to go to Celcom centre alone to ask about it. Then celcom ask me to make a police report since I don't recognize the number. There I go :(  Hamek padan muka kau! Orang kata, sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit, so masalah aku sekarang ni dah nak jadi bukit.
Pergi settle sekarang!! Baikkk -_-

Belum sempat aku rehatkan minda dan punggong yang kebas tak habis lagi, macam-macam pulak masalah timbul. Everything happens for a reason.
Maybe this will thaught me to be independent.
Pakcik polis ni nama Yahaya.ehemmm thanks pacikk!

My bro treat me Tutti Frutti... Thanks Pet! 

 This is mine! RM 12 :)

'Spot us!"
This is our activity during sem break actually
Date with my bro!
We're having a quality time together as u want Pet! wakakaka

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