Friday, July 20, 2012

Taichi Gong Legenda Heights

As usual I'll start my day with my parent to go for a jog around neighborhood's jogging track as mom join a Tai Qi club. Despite all members are veteran, but they are all kind and very the 1-Malaysia citizen! Tak sah kalau takde makan-makan after exercise.. Dah macam mana aku nak kurus kalau cam tu?  Layan ~

Curi Durian kat jiran

 Nah.. makan jangan tak makan!! Sponsored by neighbor

Look at mom doing her Tai Qi.. wakakaka

Berebuttttt macam takde hari esok untuk makan! Chinese yg lebih! 

Unfortunately this fruit is not my favorite! But lucky me no need to berebut for this one!

Macam picnic kat tepi rumah!!hahaha 

Dad with his bestfriend!

Can't help but to join em everyday to jog then makan-makan. I respect all my mom's and dad's friends because they are all very kind...

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  1. Sepakat org2x kawasan ni kan..mersa je tngok..ada semangat kejiranan. .