Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Am I free now???

phew! Finally.. Im done with all those paper that drove me a nitemare every single nite and day. well wat u guys actually doin when U juz finish ur very last paper on final??

a) scream out loud
b) run like hell but u dunno where ur heading off
c) throw some fireworks to ur lecturers or friends
d) stay cool and pretend like nothing happen

well, as for me.. I would prefer (d).. this is regarding my acting last day because I didnt happy at all. I have to think a lot more things dat will drive me crazy after diz. and I juz dont get ready about it.. watever it is, I have to face it somehow.. juz pray and pray dat nothing bad happen to me.

anyway, deep inside, get excited to get back home earlier to meet my family.. but my plan today was canceled as there's something not yet finished! sigh

gud news, there's a plan to be a model.. WHAT??? wat the???? yeah, i think im gonna make it juz for fun. juz try my luck. bare in mind, bukan model badan ye... model muke je. but Im not yet really sure im gonna do diz. the offer sound fascinating. why dont me get some try. who knows dat will work and there some extra pocket money I'll earn for this sem break..

till then...

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