Sunday, May 1, 2011

Be a Model???

hey guys! do u ever heard about Metro Perdana news paper? well, I dun really know bout diz paper as I dun really read a news paper.. well llets figure diz out..

I have been invited to be a model on this news paper at facebook.. but how far is it true I dont know.. maybe its fake or anything else, as I dun really trust people on facebook.. but to be a model is kind of preety cool babeyh!! BE A MODEL?? wow.. its ridiculous! kalau badan macam HAnis Zalikha xpe ar jugak.. ni macam nangka yang dibalut dengan kain batik buruk.. nampak lagi buruk.. spare tyre sume tkeluar.. scalop I nak sorok kat mane? uh,, juz forget it.. I juz cant be ur model en ROY! bahaha.. u have a wrong person! plz try again...

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