Sunday, May 22, 2011

pizza home made!

Yesterday, Awin and me had a big plan to cook!

1) pizza ( Awin and me made it)

2) chicken mushroom with cheese (Awin made it last month when im not at home..)

3) mushroom soup ( I made it) At the end we only work out with pizza and mushroom soup!

Awin already left home.. Had a big time spent with her last day. Shopping her things n stuff..
cooked a lot.. laugh a lot.. had a long story n chit-chatting.. after diz, no more cook, laugh n chit-chat together for a long time maybe..

Parent will not around for 2 or 3 days.. I have to cook myself, my home chores, put my eyes on my brother, babysitter?? OMG, NOWAY!! u r big enough to live ur life in better way..
most I hate is wake up in the morning.. oh please,do I have another choice? no way! no options!

oh much appreciated to my mom.. knp?? sebab die tolong ironkan uniform kerja aku before she left home.. waaa!! terharu giler! yup die memang rajin.. im not askin her to do such thing but her willing.. Alhamdulillah.. mane nak cari mak camtu weh???? kalau ade pon bibik jer.. tak.. tak, bukan nak same kan mak dengan bibik.. tapi kalau mak buat dengan ikhlas hati, lagi berkat aku nak p kerja nanti.. dengan bangga nya pakai baju yang mak iron kan.. bukan senang mak nk ironkan baju.. masa sekolah dulu pon kena iron baju sendiri.. ^_^

ok now home alone, sambil tgk tv, dgr lagu, fb-ing, chatting, blogging and tgk hamsters yang macam kucing nak beranak.. eh, ke hamster ni yang nak beranak?? habis die sepahkan n kluar serbuk2 kayu yg ade dlm cage die.. hurmm ok im getting bored rite now. sleep maybe?? FINE!

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