Friday, July 15, 2011

Out of sudden!

I used to be single in my life for a very long time juz bcoz I dun want my heart to get hurt
till I found u... I have no idea u were meant diz much to me..
At first sight, I dump u. thinking dat we r juz friend, not more than staff n boss & I hate to c ur face..
Why u tend to approach me till I fall for u?
But when I begin to adore u, u ignore me damn much! (something changed)
I fell for u hard..
Its been a week since we last talked.
and I still can't go a day without u crossing my mind at least once.
I can't understand how we let something beautiful end.
I think if we could juz give it one more shot, it could work this time.
and we could make it last forever... and if it didn't, I would see dat I was wrong.
and I would juz try to find someone else.
But rite now u're still the guy I think of as my Mr. Rite.
U really r perfect to me.
Why couldn't u juz stop being amazing?
dat way I could have gotten over u!
May be I deserve so much better. even if better doesn't mean YOU!
But bare in mind, when u leave without reason, don't come back with excuse.


  1. oit...npe ni dak tasya....jgn ikut prasaan beb pk dlu masak2 klu x blh gk cbe smyang istikharah...insyaallah allah tnjukkan jalan =)

  2. sometimes the person u want the most is the person u're better of without.. I could see dat from the begining..but its ok, dats a nice try from him.. his presence doesn't make an impact too much in my life..& his absence wont make a diffrent at babe.. still young.. :P