Sunday, April 3, 2011

Famous things in Ur place

whoaa! its been a while yea! busy dengan assignment, test, quiz, presentation, stdy, stdo segalak...sampai xsempat nak update blog.. beside, dont have idea of what to update as well..

this tyme,I want to share about the famous place at my hommy area, the center of the place where most people and teenagers do their 'things' there..

1) village mall
waktu siang

waktu malam

the most near place from my house...(dlm kwsan umh aku je) tempat aku lepak as well... tgk wayang with my sibling, shopin, karok, pizza, old town, secret rcepies, chicken rice shope bla.. bla.. bla.. and setiap kali ade artis road tour, or wateva mesti dilangsungkan kat sini.. and setiap kali tu juga aku mesti xdpt pergi sebab ade kat Tganu.. *sigh!
mgambil masa 3min bjalan kaki dari my house to diz place..

2) jam besar
I have no idea actually of wat is so special bout this building. U'll have to have a fireworks here for every celebration.. and pengantin pon suke ambil gambar kat sini..

3) carnival waterpark.. 10 min dari rumah.. even dah lame tmpat ni diwujudkan, aku hanya pergi sekali shj.. no tyme tough.. but its quite fun la..
skurang2nya Sg. Petani famous la jgak. and thought Sg.petani mnjadi tmpat pilihan untuk segala aktiviti tell me wat is so special at ur place guys..

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