Thursday, April 28, 2011

gotta rest my mind!

whoa! watchin a vampire diaries lately.. I juz cant stop watch diz movie! its so romantic vampire.. (wish I could have the one like vampire Stefan whose caring and loving and protected! damn.. have crash on his character in diz movie! if only I found a guy like him.. wuuuuuuu!!!!!

well, 6papers have left~ juz got 1more to go! but hey, lets get a rest and watchin a movie in couples of the day before 2may! Bahaha no i mean juz until I get enough time to rest then only put my eyes, my mind, my brain and all that stuff on 1last subject (Operation Research).

till then, gotta squeeze my brain (think) about rent house as we all have been rejected to stay at the hostel (is it cool??? NO I DONT THINK SO) its like put ur self in a deep shit! wat the??? 2times have been rejected ( harsh word).. i mean, not being accepted.. (is it the same meaning?..ok watever...) its like a dooms day when u r not being accepted in anywhere, is it?.. people dump u like a rubbish.. oh.. get me out of this kinda situation.. im stuck with it.. not anymore,I wish..

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