Monday, April 18, 2011

surat kiriman tak rasmi part 1

Dear echa,

thanks for being loyal friend to me :D.. I dunno wat am I gonna be without u here... though ur always hurt me with ur words, and we're often silent like we're getting quarrel but then we get to talk to each other as nothing happen.. (suppose to), frankly speak, sometime u r impertinent in ur conversation and it definitely hurt people who u r talking with, but actually u r caring person I used to know. lately I can feel that u r such a nice person.. haha dun get mad ya! but its true, yeah u r not like before who always look scary.. haha (nak tanye pon takot).. yeah I can count on u in wateva task.. haha thanks for always be by my side everytime i need u. forgive me if ive mistaken in judging u before. lets keep smiling friend!


Dear Mr. S,

knowing u for 8 month plus, im feel loved, protected and not alone . but when I decided to made 'that decision', its like the dark side of my life began...U r damn caring person. juz for u to know, its not easy to make dat decision but anyway I have to, bcoz its much benefit for us.. I know its also hard for u but I know we always can be friend. Lets be friend!

p/s : willing to meet u again always crossed out my 'Dream on' checklist!

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  1. oit...x tau nk ckp ape...sedey bangat ni...terharu...sob..sob..sob
    thanks for being my good friend n stand wif me...saranghae =)