Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Muddied in boredom.. eh??

It’s been 3 month at home and wat I’ve done was nothing. My mom can’t stop grumbling and complaining that ive done nothing but sleep! PANGGG!! 1 slap on my face .. mane tak nye, woke up for sahur, then wait for subuh, then movie marathon on lappy till fall asleep anddddd…. About 2pm only I woke up! Then wait..and wait for berbuke.. See..! how my time gone, wasted.. seriously I don’t know how to manage time properly.

While waiting for berbuka, Im searching for good news, messing around FB, and blogging sometime.. only when I got the idea. Sometime its pretty hard to gets the idea to blogging bcoz I am not a gud blogger so I make it my own diaries or juz to spend my time in between. what else to do? Oh im sick of it but it happen! When im busy with study, aassignment, lecture and all stuff, I feel like I need days off. And every time I have days off, I feel like I should be study and get all stuff on..

This is how I went crazy alone~

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