Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wat we deserve actually?

Heyoo, wats up guys!

I have no idea about it but diz is true! Why we always want things dat we cannot have and we keep on pursue it but when we got it, we dont want it anymore. Or sometimes it goes like, we want it so badly and sampai mati we cannot get wat we want, and when we hate something, dat is wat we deserve! It always happen to me! Yeah God knows wat is the best but hey, dun u want things go smooth in the way dat u want it to be?

Well, wat is exactly I wanna bragging about is about L.O.V.E! Oh again.. love, love, love. Been single for more than a year does not mean no one wants me, it juz means dat God is busy writing my love story. Its ok to be single coz it shows dat I haven't found anyone who deserves me yet, and dat, I do not depend on others for happiness. Wat is the matter of being single? I was having fun! Yeah, Almost every relationship dat I made was lasted not more than 1 year. Maybe Im juz very unlucky when it comes to love.

Dad says I was picky. Friends said I have guys hanging falling out of my pocket seluar and all I had to do is juz pick one! Watdaaaa.... I literally had people pushing me into getting in relationship. Wat a rush! I hate a rush in relationship. It is all about falling too fast only end u up with relationship dat won't last.And I would try hard to stand off of it but it happen to me instead. I juz think dat 'he(s)' always better, and simply accept them but I can't let my hopes get too high coz every Hellow ends with Goodbye!

So yeah, wat makes me prefer juz to be single? In my case, im suffer from bad old men. I dated with someone age range 9-10 years old than me. Yeah cool, I suitable with them coz they are too matured to talk with. But then, they were hoping dat im gonna be their date forever! FORGET it men! I won't! They are not bad, but some of them were boring. Some of them were not gentle. Some of them talked nonsense. Some of them cannot be trusted. Well, biase la lelaki.. Every words come out from their mouth like sweets -to-be-swallow and then we COULD DIE in the way either we swallow it (trust him) or swallow which is 'terus telan' so we die. haha.. CRAP! So, in conclusion, none of the men I dated with, work out but its end up with juz to be friends.

But I have to share some of my love story. How amazing it could be in the way dat I want it to be! Some guys I put on hope to be my date forever, but they usually fated not to be mine. So they acted like the guy I want so badly in my life. And that, they played around with another gurl and left me alone. Wat the HeLL! So, the moment I forget them, they will come and ask me to be theirs again. So Yeah, U can go HeLL like u left me. I won't accept u anymore, or otherwise, I would play with their heart back like the way they treat me before and then I left them hanging without word! Rasakan!

After all, its still a long jurney for me to go through. Wat to rush? There are still a lot of guy I can choose. Don't bother much.. It juz my future life is the matter.

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